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Since sale of his tire store in the 1990’s, Mr. Hagerty has inspected over 2600 separate vehicles for Tire failure, Fire Origin and Cause, Brake failure and other mechanical issues.  However, he now concentrates exclusively on Tire Standards of Care for retail tire servicers, including car dealerships, big box stores (Wal Mart etc) and quick lube facilities that check tire pressures and tread depths.  What did that tire inspection locate, and what (if anything) did they advise the customer concerning the safety of their tires?  That is where Mr. Hagerty may be able to assist you with your case.

Mr. Hagerty was the Standard of Care expert in the Flores v. Wal Mart case decided  Nov 15, 2012 in which the jury awarded the Flores family $27.5 million (see attached)

- Standards of Care for Auto Tire Repair Shops
- Tire failure analysis.

- Hagerty is qualified to testify in State and Federal Courts
- Hagerty is a Licensed California Private Investigator.
Privavte Investigator License


Tire Examination

- Qualified to testify as to the Standard of Care of a Tire Service Facility.

Former owner/operator of a Automotive Tire/Brake/Repair business, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, qualified to testify in State and Federal Courts, Licensed California Private Investigator, Certified ASE Brake Technician, has inspected/reported on over 2600 vehicles and appeared at 67 Depositions, 16 Trials, 4 Arbitrations and 5 Mediations for the following items:. Tire Examination - qualified to testify as to the Standard of Care of a Tire business

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